There’s a new Blonde in town

Saint of Circumstance, our ever popular easy-drinking & refreshing brew (once draft-only), is now stocked for the summer (and more immediately, the May Two Four long weekend!) at the LCBO.

Make no mistake – this isn’t your typical citrus ale. We use real zest from seasonal citrus fruits to create a subtle citrus flavour that is unmatched. This delicious hint is complemented by the hops we use from Yakima Valley. We use a style of brewing that is popular in the US northwest, making us stand out among other Ontario beers. Saint of Circumstance is made with Citra, Centennial and Amarillo hops – all with remarkable floral, tropical and citrus profiles and not found in Canada.
The result is one remarkably sessionable brew, keeping you cool all summer long.

Go on, grab a taste:

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