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5 beers to sip on this long weekend

Jordan St. John

We’re into the first of many summer long weekends. Whether at the cottage, cabin or just taking it all in from the comforts of your backyard, prepping to make sure all this relaxation time turns out perfectly can be a lot of hard, thirsty work.

If you manage to get through it without too much hullabaloo, you’ll probably want to enjoy a few cold beers. Fortunately, this is the busy season for brewers and they’re all competing for your attention. In the heat, low alcohol content beer is best to help you keep cool, so here are some of my top recommendations.

Up first we’ve got Railway City’s Canada Southern Draft. At 4.3% alcohol, it’s a solid attempt at a Pilsner from a brewery that’s more commonly known for making craft ales. Rather than attempt to compete with the pale lagers, they’ve opted for a more assertive beer with some peppery hops to go along with the pronounced cereal and red apple in the aroma. It comes in cans, so it’s safe for outdoor drinking.

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance is a sessionable blonde ale at 4.7% alcohol, it’s a nuanced and thoroughly enjoyable drinking experience. The hook here is that the variety of citrus character from Sorachi Ace, Citra and Amarillo hops and the zest of oranges and lemons. Initially, it comes across as practically floral, but the citrus builds cumulatively as you drink it. There is not much bitterness here, so the amount of flavour developed is really impressive.

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