A Year of Big Beers and Fine Imports

By: The Malt Monk

I’d like to start by wishing eatdrink readers a belated happy holiday season and hope you experienced the warmth that the time of year brings, with good food and drink shared with friends, relatives and special people. This fall/early winter was also a period of blissful warmth with both locally crafted and import brews being big and dark and satisfying.

In the wider perspective and looking back at the last year in craft brewing, we see a trend that indicates the local craft beer culture is growing and maturing in its tastes. Last year saw six new craft brewing ventures open in our area – Forked River, Block Three, Northwinds, Rambling Road, 5 Paddles and Left Field Brewing, as well as new brewing companies like Bell City Brewing, Collective Arts, Liberty Village, Radical Road and Ontario Brewing Company. (Brewing ventures have capital equipment i.e. they bought and use their own brewing equipment to produce their beer. Brewing companies are marketing companies who have their beer contract brewed by someone else, usually a local craft brewer with some spare production capacity.)

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Collective Arts Brewing