s photographed (beautifully, we might add) Al Pacino, Bono, the late Amy Winehouse, Kat Von D, The Beastie Boys, and other great talents. He is one of the most used photographers for major Canadian newspapers and wire services since 1997. He is Aaron Harris, and his work is awe-inspiring.

Aaron Harris is a Toronto-based freelance photographer and just so happens to be this week’s featured Series Three artist. He specializes in high-profile portrait work, as well as fashion, lifestyle, news, food, business and yes, all things pop culture. His keen eye for capturing the vibrancy of his surroundings landed him a gig with U2 for their Vertigo tour in 2005 then again for their 360º tour in 2009-2010. He also photographed the first inauguration of Barack Obama, which is nothing short of impressive.



There is beauty in the crisp simplicity of his photography, whether he’s shooting Derek Jeter sliding into a base or a starkly intense portrait of a celebrity – inviting you, for a moment, in their world. Even his shots capturing scenery, whether it be city or landscape, are breathtaking. His images have an uncanny ability to draw you in, have you stay awhile, and really take things in.

Besides U2, Aaron’s clients include Toronto Star, National Post, The Globe and Mail, Reuters, Bloomberg News, Getty Images/Wire Image, NBA Entertainment, Live Nation, The Canadian Press, AFP, NIKE Canada, Spamedica, Harbinger Ideas, CNW & more. Much, much more. In other words, his lens knows no bounds.

Follow Aaron and his work on his website, www.aaronharris.ca, and on Vimeo, TwitterTumblr and Instagram (harrispictureboy).


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  1. Thank you Mr. Harris for the great photo you took of Toller Cranston (in the Blue jacket)…I hope all the Canadian Papers use it to unscore the deep sadness Mr. Cranston’s fans feel to-day with the announcement of his death…..Thanks so much…
    Barbara Lyle


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