Aaron North is an American artist who grew up in Texas and Colorado. His artistic endeavours began in street art and screen printing, evolving into his present day material: a mash-up of memories, daily thoughts and conscious dreams. While he heavily focuses on the abstract, the subject matter is quite relatable.

Currently residing in Providence, RI with his fiancé, Series Two artist Aaron North predominately works with oil paint and features animals, humans and objects. His paintings are very busy, very colourful and very fun.

03_UntitledREF26-27 04_UntitledREF15

As a child, North took a huge liking to drawing and painting, paving the stone for what would eventually become a way of life. Art really became an important element to his core after moving out on his own. North worked at a record store by day and was screen printing and putting out street art by night/in his spare time. This was the turning point where he really began to take his own work seriously.

Studying North’s work, you’ll find his paintings are a heavy mental collage of his thoughts with no particular narrative. This is relatable to us humans as our minds’ process is often random and haphazard. In a similar fashion, North uses an automatic process in his painting – minimal planning; often adding elements day of as they come to him.

01_Two Skies with Ear_2013 02_Trout_2013

North’s work is open for interpretation. He would prefer people enjoy his art and relate to on a personal level, but leave the preconceived notions at the door! Searching for a storyline or explanation is futile. Let the pieces take you wherever your mind wants to wander.

This upcoming summer of 2014, North will be a featured artist with a solo show in a new Room 68 space in Provincetown, MA. You can see more of his work on his website, www.aaronorth.com

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