Born in a small town in Sussex, England, and currently living in a small neighbourhood within the metropolis of Mississauga, Abigail F. Bedwell could not be more familiar with human intimacy. Often using this theme, she creates deeply surreal paintings, illustrations, and textiles.

Bedwell seems to work within two key styles, both a little twisted and each very beautiful. Her illustrations have a largely Klimt-esque feel to them, layering countless patterns into small elements like background details, clothing, and more, which she both creates and scans in herself. These illustrations are meticulously intricate and crisp, and the colours fresh and vibrant.


Abigail F. Bedwell Art 3
Her paintings, on the other hand, are moodier, darker, and more sensual, with darker tones and content. It is in these pieces that you can most feel her predilection for intimacy – many of them include bodies twisting and entwined, both sexual and romantic.

Bedwell strives to illustrate what she views, often cynically, as the perpetual battle of the human spirit – small pleasures and great hurts, love and skepticism, games and rituals, life and the effects of loss, maturity and the innocence of youth. She finds these battles and emotions an endless source of inspiration for her work, and says that after 28 years, she discovered what she calls “art or nothing”. Life continues, including triumph and disappointment, and the industry will continue to be an immense struggle, but in art she has been able to find herself and work out her everyday struggles.


Abigail F. Bedwell Art 2

Abigail F. Bedwell Art 5


Interestingly enough, Bedwell also tells her stories literally. Many of her illustrations are accompanied by full stories about their subjects on her blog. These stories include, ‘Enid, the Boomerang Head’, ‘The Melancholy Moon Boy’, and ‘Unicorn Boy Met his Match’ – whimsical, melancholic tales with a dash of optimism.

You can find Bedwell’s illustrations on items from Wee Urban and other companies, and her art in many stores and boutiques. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook, or check out her website for more information and examples of her work.


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