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Ohio based artist Abril Andrade’s work borrows from the folk art tradition surrounding Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday focusing on family and remembrance of those who have past.

Says Andrade “For me Day of the Dead means honoring Family that is no longer living, celebrating their life, remembering what they use to be like when they were alive, and enjoying your life with the family that is still around you.”

nostalgia_Abril Inevitable Silence _by Abril abril_painting

Beyond the holiday, Andrade cites her family as a primary influence on her work. Abril credits her mother’s encouragement to follow her dreams as the driving force behind her artistic inspiration. She also finds inspiration in her daily life with her husband and five year-old daughter.

Inner Feelings by Abril

Frida Kahlo, depicted above,  has also impacted her, inspiring her exploration into new artistic forms. Darker, Gothic themes and patterns are prevalent in Abril’s paintings that often depict stylized wide eyed characters reminiscent of Japanime. Combined with her family-centric approach to creativity, these ingredients make for a style unique to Andrade.

We’re excited to include Abril in the Collective family of artists.

Abril has four shows scheduled before year’s end:

The Annual Tomato Art Fest
Art and Invention Gallery
Nashville, Tennessee

Dreams Group Show
Yuma Fine Art Association Gallery
Yuma, Arizona

VEXED Pt. Deux: Eye Heart Lips
423 West Gallery
Los Angeles, California

Day of the Dead Solo Show
Praxis Gallery
Tijuana Mexico

For more info on were to find her work visit her blog.


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