Adelle Rae Taylor


A visual artist hailing from Brights Grove, Ontario, Adelle Rae Taylor weaves wonderful, flowing artwork through ink on paper.

Adelle, from our Label Series One collection, grew up surrounding herself in any and all things creative, subsequently leading to majoring in painting and drawing at OCAD U and obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She eventually put down the paintbrush and picked up pen & ink. She’s been enjoying a steady success with her ink pieces inspired by everything from nature to 18th century patterns, human anatomy and fictional characters. Girl is on fire right now. We were lucky enough to chat with Adelle before her upcoming duo artist show with Ivan Prusac, “Symbiosis,” at Toronto’s #Hashtag Gallery, November 21st – December 8th.



Your art is very much based in nature. What inspires you when you start drawing?

My inspiration comes from the movement and insignificant organic details in nature. My love for the flowing, fleeting and spontaneity of ink echoes these aspects. I use these aesthetics to motivate the drawing while still allowing my mind to wander about. As there are no mistakes or outlines in nature, I try to be as free as possible when beginning any drawing and see any slip-up as a new opportunity.

Your work is certainly stunning! Your piece featured in our Series One collection is also included in the duo artist show at #Hashtag Gallery. Is this the first time your art is being featured in a curated show?

I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of multiple curated shows within #Hashtag Gallery, OCAD University, Iseamonster [the female collaborative group] and the Mercedes Benz Gallery Exhibition here in Toronto. I’ve also shown my work within my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario.

Speaking of Series One, how did you feel about having your work appear on a bottle label?

Completely thrilled! It’s such an honour and overall cool feeling to have your work showcased on a bottle of tasty beer. This exposure is something every working artist needs!

What else is in the works for Adelle Rae Taylor that fans can expect in the next few months?

Only good things ahead!
New work, and new approaches. I hope to have a solo show at #Hashtag Gallery in 2014. That will be a huge milestone for my artistic endeavours! So stay tuned.
This past year has been so rewarding and eventful, I’m curious to see what 2014 will bring for me as an artist.

So are we! You can find the latest updates on Adelle’s website, or her Facebook page,

For details on the fast-approaching “Symbiosis” show at #Hashtag, check this out and get yourself over there!



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  1. Great interview Adelle! We’re stoked for your show on the 21st!


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