If you live in Georgia, chances are you’ve run into Series Four illustrator, Alea Hurst’s work – it appears everywhere from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to the University of Georgia in Athens, where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Bachelor of Business Administration recently. Her current work, one of which appears on our beer labels, focuses on masks and reverses their conventional roles to comment on the evolution of society.


Alea was born in Athens, Georgia. Her passion for drawing and painting became overwhelmingly apparent about eight years ago and brought her to study fine art and business in university. Her work is a mix of two-dimensional drawings and paintings ranging from traditional to experimental to mixed media. Her ingenuity and creativity has earned her the Coca-Cola Fine Arts Award in 2009 and most recently, her ‘Showstopper’ painting took home Best of Show in the Arts Clayton’s Juried Art Competition in February. As the winner, Alea will receive her own exhibit at the Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro in July 2015.

Showstopper Alea4 Alea3

‘Showstopper’, along with ‘Trickster’ from our labels, are a part of her ‘Mask Series’, an observation on masks and humanity. It used to be that masks were worn over faces to conceal or hide something. BUT, in Alea’s paintings, the masks reveal information instead of hiding it. Her masks are representations of the characteristics of the wearer’s soul; their personality; their inner strengths or weakness. Even the outfits have importance: the old-world feel of each mask juxtaposes with the subjects’ modern wear. The primitive interacts with the refined. The point that Alea drives home is that no matter how far society has evolved, the basic instincts and personality traits of ancient cultures still prevail. Archetypes still exist no matter how advanced the society. Ultimately, we have not come as far as we think.

Food for thought, portrayed in a beautiful way. You can check out Alea’s work (all of it) on her website: You can also follow her visual quests on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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