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Alex Herrerías is an illustrator and artist from Mexico City. He has a degree in Design and Visual Communication with an specialization on Illustration at the National School of Plastic Arts (now known as the Faculty of Arts and Design) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He has collaborated with different publishing houses, including: Bromera, Penguin Random House, Edebé, Santillana, Richmond, Macmillan, Castillo, McGrawhill, Pearson, Oxford University Press, SM, University of Dayton Publishing, Sistema UNO, AMCO, Grupo Editorial Patria, Norma, Editorial Progreso, Trillas, Larousse, Esfinge, Artes de México and Edimend, and Glamour Magazine (Mexico). His work ” The Surfing Luchador” can be found on our Series 7 cans and bottles.


The beginnings of “The Surfing Luchador”

What stands out for you as one of y our favourite career highlights so far? I think the moment I made my first complete illustrated book, in 2013, The “Libro de los valores” represent the moment I developed my real style for working, and I felt comfortable to show the way I feel the movement in the illustrations, and maybe the moment i started my work with pencil illustrators too 🙂

What are you currently working on? I just finished a illustrated book about the Life of Arquímedes and on December i will start my first Graphic Novel “El viaje” (the trip).

How’d you get started as an artist? A little before I finished my studies in the National Art School I was already working in some illustration projects.

Who or what influences your art? I think everything influences me: travels, music, books, movies, my family, my friends and other artist, the experiences of my life.

What is your creative process like? Well, in my process, I first read all the project and then look for some references like photos or books. If I feel inspired, I start working with the rough sketches in my little journal.

The Surfing Luchador

How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists? I believe this initiative will promote and show their talent around the globe, the opportunity to be in touch with other artist is very inspirational.





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  1. Felicitaciones mi estimado Alejandro herrerías que honor aver compartido Diamante y ahora saber que eres mucho más que eso esto será un grand slam suerte y palante


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