Andre Kan


Andre Kan is an emerging Toronto-based abstract artist who appears on our Series Four labels. We’re huge fans of his geometric awesomeness and hope you will be too after reading this.

Andre graduated from Toronto’s OCADU in 2014 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, but started doing shows back in 2013 while balancing his schoolwork. Since then, he’s just shy of 60 shows and events across Toronto in the past two years! This is one successfully busy dude.


His work suggests a new look at spaces that surround us: the urban and suburban, the interior and exterior. He invites the viewer to reevaluate their perception of space and its structural possibilities. Let your imaginations fly, basically. His psychological landscapes represent the equal possibility of utopia and dystopia, change and evolution, coexisting in harmony. Andre asks we revisit our past and the spaces we’ve known that have helped build our identity, and deconstruct/reconstruct these environments. In the process, he hopes we can question the metaphysical and create new interpretations and capacities.


His conceptual work has been seen all over Toronto: in galleries, restaurants, bars and at fundraisers and events – even on cell phone cases! Purchase those on Nuvango here, P.S.

Andre was a part of this year’s 12th Toronto Timeraiser, Canada’s non-profit event celebrating artists that took place in May at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. He is also showing at Gladstone Hotel as part of a group exhibition in the fall. He’s had a few small features in notable publications such as Toronto Star, BlogTo, TEDxTalks, NOW Magazine, Life As A Human Magazine, and SNAPD Newspapers. His work was awarded Best in Show/Peoples Choice at the “Future Is Now” Show sponsored by Jib Strategic @ Hashtag Gallery last summer 2014.

You can also see a touch of Andre around Toronto with a couple of painted traffic control boxes via StreetARToronto‘s Outside The Box. One is situated right outside the Eaton Centre on Queen St. and another next to the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens. He’s showing up internationally, too: Most recently, he was part of the You’ve Got Mail art show at Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC last month, and was featured in Brooklyn Magazine. There’s more: Andre has an upcoming art collaboration installation for TIFF with Canvas by Grolsch in September 2015.

Clearly, people have their eye on Andre. Get yours on him, too, by checking out his website,, and follow him and his sick art on Instagram & Twitter. See it all in person at his solo show on November 26th [running for two weeks] at Toronto’s Gallery 50.


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