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Animal Parts, led by Josh Cockerill, have certainly made a mark on the Toronto music scene with their pure sound that tugs at the heartstrings. Along with four of his fellow mammals, Josh and the band are set to release their latest EP, “Six Arms To Hold You” this October 2013.


After years of touring North America, Josh Cockerill from Animal Parts has been influenced, inspired and reborn. The band’s strummy, beautiful sound has been refined with three incredible albums: the eponymous Animal Parts, Other Rooms EP and the soon-to-be-released Six Arms To Hold You EP, the second in the two-part EP series.

Reflective and captivating, both EPs were brought on from a time of intense writing Josh did in between touring in Austin, Texas. Six Arms deals with the feelings of loneliness and homesickness that inevitably come with life on the road. Home is a prevalent theme, displayed in a poetic yet dynamic way throughout the album. As if it couldn’t get any better, the EP also features a masterpiece of appearances from Canadian musician friends, including Doug Paisley and Justin Rutledge.


Josh and the other members of Animal Parts will celebrate the vinyl release of Six Arms to Hold You at the Dakota Tavern tonight, October 3rd, joined by Hands and Teeth. The album will be officially released digitally on October 22, 2013.

We asked Josh a few questions before the big night:

You’re about to release Six Arms to Hold You, the second installment in Animal Parts’ two part EP series. How does this sound complement the first part of the EP, Other Rooms?

 The pair of EPs are like a dark and tan, they sit on top of each other. They were both written at the same time, within one week, and deal with the same themes. The difference is in the delivery, one stark naked, the other with a loud bang. They complement each other, yet are opposites. Six Arms To Hold You is loud and fun, just like a dark and tan.

Both EPs will only be available on vinyl physically. Why’s that?

Vinyl has always been my favourite way of listening to music. For me, the decision to only release vinyl was a statement of sorts, pertaining to the music being a whole, to the artwork being art, to sound being organic, and music being life. Additionally, the record reflects on places where life has once been, now left empty, and my attempt at putting it back where it belongs. Vinyl embodied that sentiment. It may be sad to some, but it’s time to throw dirt on the age of CDs.

We can back that – vinyl is definitely a more raw way of listening to music. Will Animal Parts be going on another tour in the near future?

Yes. We do Toronto and Montreal this weekend, and go on tour again across Canada after the release. I’ll do the US and more Canada in the new year.

We can’t wait! You (and your cat) are featured on our Rhyme & Reason XPA as part of our  Label Series One limited-edition bottles. How did you feel when you found out you were selected? 

I said “Yeah!” and probably opened a beer. I was aware of the company previous to the competition and was excited by its concept and philosophy. Being a part of something new and exciting is a real thrill. I remain flattered to this very moment.

Was She-Ra just as excited? And how about the whole concept of pairing art and beer? What was it about that weird and wonderful match that made you want to submit your art?

 She-Ra had an off day when she first heard the news, and I took that as excitement.

As technology advances and abounds, music is everywhere, yet is becoming a harder sell. Beer is an easy sell. Always will be. I believe the pairing is brilliant. It can only do wonderful things for the world of independent artists and young brewers going forward.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. To check out more on Animal Parts’ tour dates and what else the band is up to, check them out here or find them on Facebook. Photos of cats included.


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