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Apparently, Video Games Are Great With Rhyme And Reason Extra Pale Ale

by Zach Buck

A friend and I split a six-pack of new fall beer Rhyme and Reason on his couch while he plays Skyrim. He has a sword and some kind of magic hand, in the game.

Rhyme and Reason is a craft beer by Collective Arts Brewing. “Craft” is a central word for Collective Arts. Their beer, they say, thrives on partnership with artists of other mediums and a belief that “creativity fosters creativity.” If beer making is an art, it should be an art in dialogue with others, and Rhyme and Reason is such. The beer describes itself as a “Well-Hopped Sessionable Extra the Pale Ale.” The words “grass-roots,” “inspired talents,” “dedicated” and “poets” spring out in a blurb on the sixer’s side. The beer is 5.7 percent.

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