Art + Beer + Brunch

By Courtney

Sunday mornings are for loving life. Brunch, art, dancing – the good life. This morning I had a little ex-beer-iment with Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale to get the day started real nice like. On the menu we’ve got savoury corn pancakes with onions caramelized in beer topped of with some drizzled browned sage butter and a beermosa for good measure.

The rad thing about Collective Arts is every label features selected artists. The limited edition first run received over 750 submissions from all over the world before being narrowed down to 93 artists. The next art label series will be available starting in December. You can check out these perfectly curated labels at your local LCBO the next time you grab a six pack of Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason.

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Collective Arts Brewing