Alex Herrerias

Mexico City, Mexico

Title: The surfing luchador (avenger crab)

Genre: Illustration

Alex Herrerías is an illustrator and artist from Mexico City, and got a degree on Design and visual Communication with an specialization on Illustration at the National School of Plastic Arts (now known as the Faculty of Arts and Design) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He has collaborated with different publishing houses, among which can be listed Bromera, Penguin Random House, Edebé, Santillana, Richmond, Macmillan, Castillo, McGrawhill, Pearson, Oxford University Press, SM, University of Dayton Publishing, Sistema UNO, AMCO, Grupo Editorial Patria, Norma, Editorial Progreso, Trillas, Larousse, Esfinge, Artes de México and Edimend, and Glamour Magazine (Mexico).

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