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Bo Keeney

Winchester, United Kingdom

Title: Don't You Worry

Genre: Alternative

Photo Credit: Rosie Hardy

California born and UK-residing, genre-hopping music polymath Bo Keeney dazzles with his debut EP "Don't You Worry" (out now on MapleMusic Recordings). The EP was recorded in a shipping container and sees Bo unapologetically slip and slide between genres making for a thrilling introduction to a young artist not set on being pigeonholed. Since learning the drums at the age of 4, Bo now also counts the guitar, bass, harmonica and piano as part of his roster of instruments. "I wanted to do it all like Stevie Wonder did it - I wanted to play bass like Flea and perform like Beck, crossing genres all the time and never being easy to pin down." The 24 year old's debut EP showcases a voice that is beautiful yet understated and a songwriting style that gently fuses soul with tinges of blues, jazz, plus a sprinkling of contemporary musical textures, without ever sounding showy or stylised.

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