Cariad Harmon

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Title: Like You

Genre: Alternative Folk

Artwork by Jenny Carolin

In Harmon’s music, conscientiously-crafted harmonies, sensitivity toward the arc of a song, and drum beats that stray from the typical country ditty complement her writing. Harmon’s lyrics are delivered with emotional directness and effortlessly flow as she splays them over delicate and nuanced guitar work. Influenced as much by contemporary artists Father John Misty and Ray Lamontagne as legends such as The Band and Carole King, Harmon’s most obvious talent lies in her ability to tell stories.

Cariad Harmon’s self-titled album boasts performances by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius and Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees, and was released in November 2014.

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