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Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Gotta Thing For You

Genre: Rhythm n’ Blues

catl. is a high energy rhythm n’ blues act hailing from Toronto. Well known for their intense live performances, this band has the ability to get people off their asses to sweat and boogie! After a winter-long hiatus, the rockin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues group have re-emerged as a “gruesome twosome” (Perlich Post) - Sarah Kirkpatrick, once behind the keyboards has moved her fury over to drums, and Jamie Fleming is still bashing away on his 40’s Gretsch. The result is a sexy, raw, primordial rock and roll experience. All stripped down, this dynamic duo is ready to make you shimmy and stomp all over the dance floor. Expect exciting re-workings of your favourite catl. songs as well as some brand new tunes. The couple spent the winter writing a new record that they intend to record in the fall of 2013. The new material was road-tested in May of 2013 when catl. embarked on a successful two-week tour of the American Deep South and came back with a brand new video documenting their roadtrip.

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