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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Title: Number One

Genre: Indie Rock

Photo Credit: Adam Fink

CATLOW. Infectious. Indie. Pop. Experimental. Beats. Vampy. Danceable. Vancouver native Natasha Thirsk with a handful of talented human beings have a created a sound reminiscent of New Order and the Smiths, to Elliot Smith, BRMC and Liz Phair. Thirsk‘s coy vocals as melodies flex their electro muscles over dense atmospheric guitar rock with a power-pop heart. Their chilly neo-disco fuses hot indie-rocks with blippy synth to create sing-song melodies. Having recently finished a European tour, Catlow’s newest release Pinkly Things video has already been received critical acclaim: “Explosions in the Sky with vocals”- Vancouver Music Review. With another video in the w

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