Cory Bobiak

Hamilton, ON, Canada


Genre: Illustration

Cory Bobiak is a CSA and Emmy nominated Toronto-based director and artist with an extensive list of television, design and artistic achievements.

Cory attended Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Upon graduation, Cory’s new found passion for drawing and film led him across the street to Bardel Animation Studio where we worked as an animator on such shows as The Kellys, and Mucha Lucha.

He has designed on various children’s and adult television programs from Jacob Two-Two and Futz to Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans. He has animated on numerous series including the Emmy Award winning Peep and the Big Wide World, as well as storyboarded on the Gemini award winning series Life’s a Zoo.

Cory lives in Hamilton with his loving wife Sandra and two adorable children, Frankie and Rudy. They have no pets.

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