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Devin Cuddy

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Afghanistan

Genre: New Orleans Blues

Photo Credit: Tom Lonescu

In a musical landscape dominated by auto tune, synthesized replications of instruments, and regurgitated songs of the 70’s, you wont find an artist of Devin Cuddy’s stature resting on the popular tenants of today’s sad musical mosaic.

Devin’s music has a style all its own, one that shouldn’t work…but somehow does. His unique brand of roots, country and New Orleans inspired Jazz effortlessly marries the two musical ideals with a distinctive element of Canadiana so eloquently, that it leaves one wondering…why no one has done this before? In Toronto’s growing pseudo-country scene Devin’s new take on the genre pushes the limits of what people think they want to dance to on a Saturday night.

Collective Arts Brewing