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Eric Crosland

Nelson, BC, Canada

Title: Into The Mind

Genre: Feature Film

Eric Crosland, Director of Sherpas Cinema, was born in Clagary Alberta. Growing up, the Rockies proved to have left an imprint of nature on Eric's life that has manifested it self in his films.

Eric graduated from Capilano college in 2004 with a advanced degreee in motion picture production. Over his career in the film industry he has created over 162 episodes of television, 10 feature length films and 2 broadcast commercials. Eric now truly enjoys working in the collective of artists at sherpas cinema. His latest directing effort feature "All.I.Can" has won over 20 festival awards including "Best Feature Length Film" at the Banff Mountain Film Fest. Eric Currently live with his wife and son in Nelson BC.

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