Greg Doble

Montréal, QC, Canada

Title: False Allegory

Genre: Music Video

Photo Credit: Greg Doble

Greg Doble is an animator based in Montréal. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA in Media Arts in 2011, Doble has continued to work in the Fields of illustration and animation as well as the creation short animated films.

Woulg (Greg Debicki) is a composer, sound designer and new media artist, based in Montréal. He completed a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design and studied music composition at the Dartington College of Arts, UK. He writes generative music software, designs interactive projections, and composes glitch music. His music combines the dissonance and destructive aesthetics of grunge and the rhythmic complexity of IDM and jazz. Woulg’s music creates a tense, lurching and strange atmosphere."

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