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Howie Cantor

West Glover, VT, USA

Title: Gallilee

Genre: Folk Music

Artwork by David Navas

Howie Cantor lives in West Glover, Vermont and has been writing songs for over thirty years. He has performed in venues throughout Vermont as well as New York City, Boston, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and Puerto Rico. Currently Howie produces Music Night at Parker Pie, every Thursday night in West Glover. Howie and his wife Stephan own and operate Deep Mountain Maple. They produce maple syrup and maple candy, and they have sold their maple products at the Greenmarket Farmer's Market in Manhattan since 1985.

Howie has recorded four albums of his songs with fellow musician and recording engineer Ron Kelley of Jamaica, Vermont. All of the music can be heard at Howie's website.

Artist David Navas is from and lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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