Melbourne, Australia

Title: I’m Not Coming Back

Genre: Indie Rock

Photo Credit: Tunni Kraus

Ruckers Hill, available now in Canada via Nevado Records, was produced by Husky Gawenda and cousin Gideon Preiss and co-produced over many sessions with storied Sydney producer Wayne Connolly. Phil Ek took the reigns on mixing (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Band of Horses), with Peter Katis (The National) mixing “I’m Not Coming Back.” Recording was done in several Melbourne and Sydney studios, Gawenda’s home in Collingwood, and at a place called Echidna Studios on Melbourne’s semi-rural fringe. “It was a simple studio in a beautiful spot in the hills overlooking the Yarra Valley, with Fella the dog and two goats roaming around the garden. We dreamed the record into life out there’’ Gawenda said.

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