Joyce Lau

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Doily #1 (Trees and Crows)

Genre: Hand-cut Paper

Joyce Lau is a visual artist from Toronto. She received her BFA in photography, but realized she needed to explore further techniques to create the pieces that floated in her mind. Lau’s work is a reflection of her fascinations with culture, current affairs, history, identity, and iconography. Her work offers an open dialogue with visions of creation and destruction, as well as evokes contemplation on the philosophies of existence. Lau has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council, and has exhibited in Canada, the US, and Europe. The idea for "Octofalcony" arose from a word fumble while Lau tried to hone in on her olfactory senses to profile a pint of beer (Collective Arts of course!).

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