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JP Auclair

Whistler, BC, Canada

Title: Into The Mind

Genre: Feature Film

When his JP Auclair’s urban segment from Sherpas Cinemas’ 2011 film “All.I.Can” hit cyberspace, it garnered 124,000 views its first day live.

JP is a pioneer of freeskiing and a true hero of the sport. He was one of the fi rst to popularize grabbing, he won the fi rst US Open, and he helped create the Salomon Teneighty. Auclair founded Armada skis in 2002 and Alpine Initiatives in 2008.

“Our whole take at Alpine Initiatives is you can’t really have a healthy environment without having healthy commmunities, and vice versa. It’s about trying to make the snowsport community stronger, so we can reach out and embrace the global community and people who are wanting to uplift their own community.

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