Junior Battles

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Bunk

Genre: Punk

Illustrated by Edith Boucher

Locally renowned as "Toronto's handsomest band," Junior Battles are ushering in the bold new era of what can only be referred to as post-beard rock, playing heartfelt, angular punk-rock that reminds you of your favorite bands without being derivative. These dude cite unimpeachable influences like Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Superchunk and Jesus Lizard, and their records feature tunes that are destined to sit them at the smart kids (see: nerd) table, somewhere between the professors in Bad Religion and the poetry kids in Brand New. You should let them sleep on your floor. They're extremely polite house guests.

Their new full-length 'Rally' will be released in June on Paper + Plastick Records.

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