Lindy Vopnfjord

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: On My Way Back Home

Genre: Folk

Photo Credit: Berkley Vopnfjord

To quote CBC's Pete Morey, “Lindy Vopnfjörd had a pretty great 2013”. Lindy is at the forefront of a generation of artists who are pioneering the Internet-based, digitally driven musical landscape after being one of the first artists to successfully crowd fund his new album, "Young Waverer." Dubbed "the tallest man in Canadian music," this Icelandic-Canadian has made a name for himself as both a solo artist and the lead singer of the rock band Major Maker, who produced the hit song "Rollercoaster." With his latest album, Lindy has returned to his folk roots, resulting a several Top 10 singles on the CBC radio charts. He continues to tour Canada extensively, winning new fans along the way.

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