Oh Susanna

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Oregon

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Graphic Design: Ping Pong Ping

Suzie Ungerleider began performing as Oh Susanna in the mid-1990s, crafting a persona that matched the timeless qualities of her music, sounds that drew from the deep well of early 20th Century folk, country and blues, yet rooted in her finely-honed storytelling skills. This Canadian songstress has a voice that can pierce a heart of stone. Oh Susanna's latest album Namedropper (Sonic Unyon) is a killer collection of songs was written for her by some of Canada's best songwriters – Ron Sexsmith, Royal Wood, Jim Cuddy, Joel Plaskett, Luke Doucet, Jay Harris, Rueben deGroot, Melissa McClelland, Amelia Curran, Old Man Luedecke, Keri Latimer of Nathan, and The Good Lovelies. The album marks a place in Oh Susanna’s journey, one where she has proven herself as songwriter and is now paying tribute to her comrades.

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