Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Mid 20’s Skateboarder

Genre: punk rock

Photo Credit: Mike Warne

PKEW PKEW PKEW are four guys from stupid small towns in Ontario who love to drink. They’ve travelled around playing shows in even more stupidsmall towns and some big cities too. They’ve crushed beers with a lot ofcool bands – sharing the stage with FIDLAR, The Hold Steady, Pup, and Titus Andronicus - but that doesn’t mean that they're cool too.

Their forthcoming self-titled debut record (due out Spring 2016 via RoyalMountain Records) is a raucous 21 minutes of punky party anthems thatare made for the mosh-pit. Recorded by Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo PoliceClub), Pkew Pkew Pkew is a dizzying 11 song anthology that blasts through themes of failure, nostalgia, growing up, crushing beers.

Collective Arts Brewing