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Seth Rowanwood

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Posie Pilot

Genre: Mixed Digital

Seth is graphic designer, illustrator and writer Winner of both the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future, and Gold Awards for 2010. Following the awards, June Scobee Rogers asked Seth to illustrate the cover of the 25th Anniversary Edition of her book “Silver Linings”. Ms. Scobee Rogers, founder of the Challenger Centers, was also the wife of Dick Scobee , a pilot on the tragic Challenger flight in 1986. The book cover art was brought aboard Atlantis Flight 33 - The final space shuttle mission, STS-135 in 2011. - orbiting the earth and docking with the International Space Station. Seth's first kid's comic: Anex & Bit for Topsy Books, was entirely created on an iPad 1.

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