The Noble Thiefs

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Title: Got It Made

Genre: Rock 'n' Soul

Photo: Joey Senft Painting: Rob Hill • Design: Tim Jones & Lee Froese

The Noble Thiefs’ Myron Dean, Riley Hastings, Johannes Lodewyks, and Joel Armstrong are poised to lead the charge in resurrecting the soul-centric rock sounds of decades past with their newest endeavour, It’s Tough To Be The Bad Guy (Pipe & Hat/MapleMusic Recordings). The record stays true to what the band is known for – their pounding, souled-out, take on rock for the real world. Engineered by Jordan Waters and produced by Nash, the record was lovingly birthed in their hometown of Winnipeg at both the Bedside Studio and the private Pipe & Hat studio. "We’ve been working on this album for two years, and now we finally have something that we’re truly proud to put our name on,” says

Collective Arts Brewing