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The Walkervilles

Toronto, ON, Canada

Title: Please Baby Stay

Genre: Motown

The Walkervilles are a Motown/Rock influenced group from Windsor, ON; right across from motown itself, Detroit, Michigan. The three piece is a sort of Ontario super group, combining Pat Robitaille's unforgettable sultry voice with Michou member's Michael Hargreaves and Sefan Cvetkovic. The duo in support of Robitaille adds thick layers of vocal harmony and rhythm, through groovy dynamic drum performances by Cvetkovic, and poppy lyrical bass performances by Hargreaves.

The group's short existence has sparked excitement as their original songs have a freshness and sensitivity to classic soul. Songs vary from the effortless and upbeat, "Tell Me How You Want Me" to slow and real talk'in songs "Get By” and “Stay Strong” which carry gospel influenced messages of struggle and hope from the heart of economy-torn America.

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