Twin River

Vancouver, BC / Montreal, QC, Canada

Title: Bend To Break

Genre: Indie Rock

Photo Credit: Photograph by Debbie Carlos, Artwork by Lindsey Hampton

Twin River’s debut full length has feverishly built upon the swaying foundation of their earlier release, 2012’s Rough Gold EP. Cramming in tremoloed guitar movements, and upping the pace by about 80bpm, Should the Light Go Out sees the Vancouver act take (at least) one step forward and a half step to the side. The new LP hints at garage rock and jangle pop at times, but even after only one listen, it’s evident that the album doesn’t dip into the cliches of either genre. With its lineup now solidified, and with a new sound that opens up a world of possibilities for the future, it's clear that Twin River has arrived.

Collective Arts Brewing