Wayne Chisnall

London, UK

Title: Spidey Pods

Genre: Printmaking

Wayne Chisnall is a Shropshire-born artist, based in London since 1999. Coming from an illustration and print-making background he is now well known for his sculptures and drawings.

In 2005 he was awarded a bursary from the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

As well as his work appearing in international shows, magazines and on TV (including BBC 2's, The Culture Show, Channel 4 News, and Channel 4's, Four Rooms), his sculptures have appeared in the feature film, Scratch. In 2013 he was also commissioned to produce a series of paintings for the horror film, Bliaze of Gory.

In 2008 Chisnall wrote a script with John Malkovich which was then turned into the short animated film, Snow Angel.

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