We Are The City

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Title: Baptism

Genre: Alternative Rock

For We Are The City, the four years since 2009's debut, In a Quiet World have been filled with radical change, both personal and musical. They've undergone lineup alterations, relocated from Kelowna to Victoria to Vancouver, reached their 20’s, built up a fan base across the country and painstakingly honed their sound. All of this experience, both good and bad, went into making their sophomore album, Violent and released on June 4, 2013 on Hidden Pony Records.

Violent will be followed by the release of a feature-length film, written and filmed by We Are the City and Vancouver's Amazing Factory Productions in Norway. With a script penned entirely in Norwegian, this subtitled film is a companion piece to the record; the score utilizes melodic motifs from the songs, while the story shares themes with the lyrics.

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