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Arts & Science Brewery Launch Event

Jessica Peter

As you may have heard, there was recently an exciting announcement by Nickel Brook Brewing and Collective Arts Brewing, stating that they are forming a merged craft beer company called Arts & Science. Their brewery location will be stationed in the city we love: Hamilton!

We were very fortunate to be invited to the media release announcement event and had such a great time that we wanted to share with our readers not just the announcement, but about the whole event.

About the Event:

It took place in the old “don’t-call-it-Lakeport” brewery on Burlington Street East (now and forever to be known as the ARTS & SCIENCE brewery) where dozens of people: media, local dignitaries, and others, showed up last Wednesday for the official launch of the company. Nickel Brook and Collective Arts folk, Hamilton Port Authority staffers, and mayor Bob Bratina, talked of inspiration, motivation, and the promise a brewery can hold for the city. Especially a brewery like this one that intends to do more than just make beer. Between speeches, the audience mingled over drinks.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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