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A sound like Simon & Garfunkel, but based in our very own Hamilton, is Ash & Bloom: a powerhouse duo whose incredible songwriting and harmonies are impressing ears from Steeltown to Cape Town. And you can hear their music, right on our Series Five labels.

Ash & Bloom is comprised of members James Bloemendal and Matt McKenna and my goodness do this folk-rock twosome emulate the sweet and soothing vocal harmonies of another famous duo – Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel. The two Hamilton-based singer-songwriters met some 10 years ago while studying music at Redeemer College University in Ancaster and don’t shy away from the comparison.


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When it came time to record their debut album, Let The Storm Come, co-producers Marc Rogers and Karen Kosowski suggested that McKenna and Bloemendal watch the 2010 documentary, The Harmony Game, on the recording of Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Trouble Water. This is where they really took the influence of switching harmony ranges and roles throughout the album, much like Simon and Garfunkel did.



One track that stands out in Let The Storm Come is This Town (Hamilton), a tribute to the guys’ new hometown (and ours). Neither musician actually grew up in Hamilton, nor did they have much of an opinion of it when they first came here for school. However, living here for a few years, they discovered great little neighbourhoods (much like James St N!) and grew to fall in love with the thriving city. We can think of a few other reasons to pay attention to this city, too. 😉

Listen to the melodies of Ash & Bloom on their website,, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rumour has it, they have new music planned to come out early this year, so really keep your eyes and ears peeled! Chances are, it will be heavenly.


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