Autumn Beer Lineup

Sour Harvest, IPA 4, Wet Hop, Cranberry Basil Gose

Dropping at the brewery store Saturdays this fall, get your hands on Sour Harvest, IPA no. 4, Wet Hop, and Cranberry Basil Gose. They will roll out into LCBO, and bars and restaurants each week following.

Our Sour Harvest Saison is truly a unique mash up of styles and flavours. This brew starts as a classic Saison, utilizing a traditional Saison yeast to provide both spicy and earthy tones. We then inoculate the wort with Lactobacillus for 24 hours, giving the brew a refreshing sour flavour. From there we add locally grown and roasted pumpkins and traditional pumpkin pie spices. The final product is pure magic: sweet sour, and spicy. Refreshing and unique. Available September 9 11:00AM at the brewery store. LCBO, bars & restaurants the week following.

Art By: Sasha Preuβ, Leverkrusen, Germany


IPA NO. 4 – 6.4% ABV. 80 IBUs
It’s the season for fresh hops and as the 4th edition of our IPA project, our brewers knew they needed to find a mix that would deliver on an assaulting-ly juicy, dank aroma, and taste. We added hops everywhere but the boil in this hazy, yellow brew. Breathe it all in as floral, fruity, pineapple from the Hallertau Blanc, earthy, blueberry, blossoms from the Mosaic, and citrus, gooseberry, lychee from the Citra transport you to warmer longer days of summer past.  Release date is TBD – Sometime while it’s still Autumn.

Art By: Cecil Warner, Burlington, Canada

This beer celebrates the harvest season with local Ontario hops picked within hours of brewing. 2-Row, wheat, and cara malts were mixed with a touch of Briess Wheat which lends this ale it’s goldish colour. The result is a straw-like, golden brew that’s extremely smooth and drinkable with a huge nose of juicy fruit and grassy mango, with pungent hops and a bready malt finish. Available September 30 11:00AM at the brewery store. Hitting bars & restaurants the week following.

Art By: Xander Lee, Exeter, UK

We reward our adventurous kettle sour drinkers with this surprisingly satisfying combination. Expect a slight peppery, anise, savoury quality from the fresh ground basil with a refreshing, sharply dry fruity character of cranberry, rounded right out with the pink Himalayan salt and coriander from our core range gose we use as a base in this limited release. Available October 7 11:00AM at the brewery store. Hitting bars & restaurants the week following.

Art By: Edgar Allan Slothman, Connecticut, USA

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