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Beer brewing returning to Lakeport plant

Kaz Novak

Beer brewing is returning to Burlington Street.

Arts and Science Brewing Ltd. and the Hamilton Port Authority will announce Wednesday morning that the craft brewer will be setting up shop in the site of the former Lakeport brewer.

Authority spokesperson Larissa Fenn did not want to say much Monday before the announcement, but said the agency is “very excited.”

She couldn’t say how soon it will be before Arts and Science moves into the former plant at Burlington Street East and Wellington Street North because “there’s some construction to do.”

Labatt bought Lakeport in 2007 and then shut it down in 2010. The move tossed 143 out of work and ended 64 years of brewing history in the city.

Better Bitters Brewing Company, makers of Nickel Brook Beer, has been in negotiations with the authority on locating in the Lakeport plant. Arts and Science is a partnership between Better Bitters and Collective Arts Brewing Ltd.

An Arts and Science official could not be reached for comment. A release says “Wednesday’s announcement kicks off an exciting new chapter for this Hamilton landmark and for craft brewing in Hamilton.”

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