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Beer review: Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance, Ontario

Beppi Crosariol

Rating 90
Producer Collective Arts
Price 13.95/6-pack

I wouldn’t rank Saint of Circumstance as a favourite Grateful Dead song, but this colourfully named blonde ale from new Toronto-area brewery Collective Arts does the trick for me. The craft producer’s business plan involves promoting musicians and visual artists through rotating label-art imagery, so a beer name that resonates with the great kings of improvised rock and roll seems well suited (and I’d frankly rather have a bottle of this fine effort than a free download of the Dead tune). It’s light-bodied and crisp, with solid hoppy bitterness that delivers pine-like punch and bright citrus aroma. The citrusy hops are underscored by citrus zest added to the brew toward the end of fermentation. At a tame 4.7-per-cent alcohol, it’s an attractive easy-drinking bevvy for summer for those who like ‘em hop-forward. I, for one, am grateful.

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