BEER REVIEW: Collective Brewing – Saint of Circumstance

By: Eli McAdams

Collective Brewing
Saint of Circumstance Citrus-Infused Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.7%

Matt Johnston and Bob Russell’s ambitious endeavor, Collective Arts Brewing, was founded in September 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. Their mission: “To promote artists and raise creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.” Collective Arts is a multifaceted brewery, with sessionable and tasty craft brews created by brewmaster Ryan Morrow, unique label artwork, and a soon-to-be brewery/concert venue/art gallery (opening this April in Hamilton, Ontario) aimed to expose craft beer lovers to artists, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers from around the world. They figure love of creativity in beer denotes a love of creativity in general; they might have something there!

Collective Brewing’s Saint of Circumstance Citrus-Infused Blonde Ale is definitely imaginative. To make this slightly hazy, straw-colored ale, Morrow used all citrusy hops (Amarillo, Citra, Sorachi Ace) and also added fresh citrus zest at two points during the brewing process. This gives the beer warm citrus, herbs, and spices on the nose, with a hint of vanilla. And to taste, Saint comes across bright with orange and tangerine. It has a smooth flavor with a short, malty linger and very little bitterness at 19 IBUs. This interesting and refreshing beer isn’t overly complicated and it’s wonderfully easy to drink, especially at only 4.7% ABV.

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Collective Arts Brewing