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This Series Five band’s name is merged from two titles. One is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and the other The Station by Robert J. Hasting. Their name is Bravestation [see it?].




Two brothers [Devon + Derek Wilson] with childhood friend Jeremy Rossetti started this adult new wave/apocalypse pop band, Bravestation, in 1000 Islands before relocating to Toronto in 2008.

Inspired by a vast array of genres, ranging from ’80s New Wave to Modern Rock, Synthpop to Post-Punk, the band channels influences from the past and visions of the future to create their own imaginative version of pop. It’s music that exists somewhere in the fringes between fiction and reality, luring you into a dream haven with soulful vocals, spaced-out guitar patterns, lush synthetic flourishes, and hypnotic grooves.



Their latest single, Amadeus, was released February 16, 2016; this must mean there is a new album in the works! It will follow a handful of self-produced, acclaimed independent releases including V (2015) which has its sounds of “pillowy textures and woozy dancefloor-ready synth pop” (Exclaim!), IV (2013) that “straddled pop and R&B, but never in a conventional way” (Planet Notion), Giants & Dreamers (2012) which the Toronto Star described as “Spritely, sun-kissed, electroshocked equatorial pop” and their “charming” (Dazed Digital) and “rhythmically daring beast” (Toronto Star) of an EP in 2010 that landed them a UK tour and an invitation to play North England’s largest music festival at the time, Evolution.



This month you can find them in and around the Toronto area. Check out where they are touring and go see them!

Follow them on all the socials:
Twitter @bravestation
Instagram @bravestation
Facebook /bravestation

Album V and single Amadeus are available on iTunes.


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