Brent Foster

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Brent Foster, creative director for Foster Visuals, and editor and director and aerial pilot and cinematographer and…a Series Six label artist!

While I’m Here | The Legacy Project is a personal project by filmmaker Brent Foster profiling a series of people while they’re still doing what they do best… living their legacy.


Foster decided to start this project after missing out on the chance to tell the story of a man from his hometown who dedicated his life to helping others.
 That man’s name was Frank Dymock. For years, Frank opened his garage up to the public and sharpened skates free of charge. He wouldn’t accept a dime. 
He was a staple of the place Foster grew up, and Brent always wanted to tell his story while he was still here. 
Regretfully, Foster let time pass, and Frank passed away before he had the chance.

This project is dedicated to Frank and the many others who live selflessly and truly impact those around them.

This project is 100 per cent a passion project and something Foster wanted to do to pay it forward to people like Frank.

Both Brent, and the crew have donated their time and personal expense to make these films happen.



flyFind more of Brent’s projects here.

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Two of the stories in the project were just awarded 1st and 3rd place in The News Photographers Association of Canada’s Annual Pictures of the Year Competition. The films have/will be playing in festivals in San Diego, Mississippi, Chicago, and Colorado throughout the year.

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