I Heart Hamilton


Steph Dubik

My taste buds didn’t know what they were in for. Since I made the same mistake as the first year I attended Brews N Bands, I showed up thinking I had plenty of time to sample all of the different beers when in actuality I only had half an hour. But that didn’t stop me from having a great time and making sure I tried everything I wanted to try! I went with my sister and some friends and seeing that we needed to get down to business as soon as we got there, we each headed in separate directions so we could cover the most ground and let each other know what we liked.

Each of the independent breweries had all been in operation for 3 years or less. That being the case, anyone I talked to was very enthusiastic and happy to tell me about their craft, even offering a little sample if I was unsure of what to use my ticket on. I especially appreciated a quick rundown of what to expect flavour wise because I’m not a huge fan of excessively bitter/hoppy beer and I’d hate for anything to go to waste.

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