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By: Jason Foster

Year in Review pieces are almost always about lists: top news stories, the best music, weirdest world happenings, and so on. They’re fun!

But I didn’t do one this year. Sue me — I like to be offbeat.

Instead, I decided to pick one major story in Saskatchewan’s beer scene, and focus on that: the unusually high number of new beers the SLGA has been approving for import into the province.

The most interesting new arrival might be Burlington Ontario’s Collective Arts. In what may be the most creative beer concept in years, Collective Arts combines beer, music and visual arts to add multiple dimensions to drinking a beer. Unlike most breweries that pick a label design and stick with it, every few months Collective Arts launches a new numbered series of limited-edition artwork for its labels, each one with its own distinct tone and style. And using some new-fangled app, you can scan the label to launch music, videos and bios of the artists involved. Clearly this is Canada’s first post-modern brewery.

They’ve shipped Rhyme and Reason — what they call an “extra pale ale” — to Saskatchewan. It is a lovely rendition of an American pale ale, offering a grassy malt base with honey and meadow flowers as an accent. The hops are fruity, citrusy and resiny. Not overly bitter, it’s light and sharp, creating a very drinkable beer.

These are only some highlights of what’s available in Saskatchewan these days. Combine that with all the new breweries opening up in our province, and 2015 promises to be a very beer-y year.

See the full piece here.

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