Bruce Deslauriers

Boston Tattoo Convention Artist

We collaborate with illustrators, visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and now tattoo artists! Collective Arts is taking over the Boston Tattoo Convention – find us at the beer garden and stop by our artist lounge to see our vibrant street art backdrop and series art gallery.
We’ve teamed up with 3 tattoo artists who will be attending the convention to do what we do best: combine art with beer. First up on our Ransack the Universe/Boston Tattoo Cans is: Bruce Deslauriers, AKA Mr. Bruce.
Hailing from the planet of Fall River MA….. Up In Flames Tattoo for 13yrs, specializing in having NO specialty. He believes in the true spirit of the STREET SHOP where clients can get any style, any time with quality, precision & a healthy dose of conversation, advice or just plain entertainment. The tattooer should be the gentleman every gal wants & every man wants to be…. and without question, slick as MF’R at all times.
What stands out for you as one of y our favourite career highlights so far?
For me, it’s more amazing that there CAN be “career highlights” in this craft today!  When I began my struggle to find my way into this low brow, yet age old craft I was not aware it could be a “career”.  That said,  I guess I’d say the highlights have been meeting pioneers who came up in a world where tattooing was something different.  Today, young tattooers look up to the “flavor of the month” and look past the tattooers who haven’t achieved the “InstaFame” on social media.  I have had the honor of being tattooed by hands that have worked the NYC Bowery all the way to the Pike at Long Beach.  I have shaken the hands of old time Legends like Crazy Philadelphia Eddie and Buddy Mott who have since passed away, and shared a laugh with living legends like Tattoo George Benjamin and Stan Moskowitz. Those are my highlights!

Ransack the Universe IPA – Can Art by: Mr. Bruce

Do you have a favourite tattoo or piece of art?

I have a couple tattoos that are special to me, not because of their size, complexity, or quality but because of the significance.  I have a gecko on ankle that I scratched onto myself with a home made rig, redone when I got my first “professional” kit from a magazine and it’s downright terrible, but it’s a link to my teenage years I’ll never forget.  Another is my shoulder where I have a “yin yang” of sorts made from a prison rotary tattoo machine and a modern coil machine.  It is a dedication to how I started, using home made rigs until finally moving to proper tools.  I can never forget it now.
How’d you get started as an artist?
There isn’t a classic story of apprenticeship and a mentor that I can call my own, that’d be a lie.  I came into this by having my convict uncles say “let the kid try it” while they had tattoo parties.  I could always draw, so I guess they figured I could do it!   They found out through various prison stays how to make a rotary machine, and basically let me draw all over them.  Repeated smacks in the head made me pretty good at not messing up, and these pieces still walk the earth today on my relatives.
What is your creative process like?
I can’t say there’s much of a “creative process” for me.  I don’t prepare or pre draw usually.  I enjoy the stress and tension of making things happen on the spot.  This gift has made me able to work any convention, or handle any walk in.  I have nothing against being ready, I just don’t require it usually.  These days, the youngsters can make a tattoo without a week’s prep!

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