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The four guys, one girl formula seems to work well for The New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, AND pop folk darlings, Sitcoms aside, eerie instrumentals and emotional lyrics have made this Toronto indie band a mesmerizer of audiences near and far.

After they completed their debut EP, “Young Love,” in 2011, have taken on the music scene in a major whirlwind, playing festivals and showcasing their signature quiet, haunting tunes at bars across Toronto.’s ambient sound has even piqued the interest from brands like Virgin, Monster Headphones and these guys right here. We chatted with one-fifth of these melodic masters, vocalist/guitarist Dante Berardi Jr, about Craigslist, beer and the band’s upcoming plans:
You formed a few years ago through Craigslist – was this the worst process in the world or did you get lucky and find four others who just ‘clicked’ fairly easily?
It was actually very easy but involved a very lengthy process that happened over a few years (all involving Nate as the common factor): Nate (vocals/guitar) met our drummer, Matt, first – they had a Tim Hortons date in Markham after connecting on Craigslist. Next came Caitlin (violin/vocals). She went to meet Nate at his sketchy St. James Town apartment and mistook his Spanish speaking roommate for Nate in a funny comedy of errors. Finally came the meeting between Nate and I; we met at Bloor St.’s Green Room. Nate ended up inviting me back to his place (he was living with Caitlin at the time) so he could show me the material they were working on. Side note: I had been using Craigslist for six years at this point and would normally never go anywhere with anyone from the site. That being said, Nate had a way about him, a certain energy that wasn’t threatening at all, so off we went. He played and I was sold. He didn’t murder me, so that was also really awesome of him. We all clicked right away, with Nate and with each other as a group. There has been a revolving door with other members in varying capacities but the four of us have been a solid unit for quite a while now.

You’re working on a new album set to release in the spring. What can you tell us about how it differs from “Young Love”?
I think our sound has matured. We use a lot of the same sonic qualities, but with more focus on song structure and arrangement. Many of the songs we are going to record have existed in some form for over a year and a half. They’ve had time to grow naturally, the same way we have as players. We are spending the necessary time on the songs to ensure we are all completely happy with them, rather than just saying “this will do fine.”

Excited for the release (like a fine wine!). What else is in store for fans? Any tours in the works?
Touring will happen in time, but we aren’t getting too ahead of ourselves. For now we are focusing on making the album great. In the long run, without a great album, touring doesn’t really serve any purpose. There are some really fun ideas floating around, but we are going to make sure the songs are where they need to be first. Until the new album release, we are going to keep in contact with fans through our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our site There, they’ll find all our secondary material, personal messages and updates. We like staying close to our fans and it seems like they are pleasantly surprised by the personal outreach, which is really fun for us.

We always love to ask, what was your reaction to seeing’s label on CAB’s Rhyme & Reason beer? What’s your take on our art + brew concept?
We were ecstatic to be part of the program. It is such a cool thing to see our cover art on the CAB Rhyme & Reason bottle. We always felt our EP cover was a piece of art (thank you Lauren Pirie) and that we should have harnessed it more in that regard. This was the perfect opportunity for us to do just that. The Label Series has a grassroots approach, which is exactly how we implemented our “Young Love” EP. Collective Arts is getting the beer out there to the people who love indie music and beer. It’s a positive thing for the bands involved, and a positive thing for the company to reach out to the people who care about the product and music. Win/win situations are always the best.

They definitely are! Finally, have you guys planned a trip to Egypt yet?
YES, we are probably going to have our album release party on top of the Sphinx’s head, with lights and pyro and kittens. That seems do-able does it not?

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 3.52.53 PM

An epic party in Cairo. Follow the band for all the latest on their upcoming EP and to check out their wistful songs through any of their active social media channels above.

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  1. is a lovely band. I’m excited to hear their new work and get addicted one more time.


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