Cait Maloney

Featured Illustrator

She has had a passion for carbohydrates and visual communication for as long as she can remember. We share three things in common: art, beer, + mac and cheese [our mouths are watering just looking at that picture]. She’s Cait Maloney and she is the artist behind Series Six’s ‘Eduardo’s’ Food Truck.
She was raised by monkeys in central New York and earned her BFA in illustration from Syracuse University. She now spends her days doing a job she loves in sweltering, but lovely Columbia, South Carolina.
As an illustrator + designer, her goals are to create and execute the freshest ideas and keep her eyes and ears open to new perspectives.


Some of her clients include Diesel Fragrance, PGA Junior League Golf, TD Bank, Abita, Flock & Rally, King Street Marketing Group, The Story Shack, NY Spirit Magazine and The Park Slope Reader, among others.



Cait has illustrations published in several children’s books, as well as adult books. Her work has been recognized in a number of juried exhibitions.


We asked Cait some questions!

What’s your favourite Collective Brew?

My favorite Collective Brew is any one that has my artwork on it. Just kidding! I’m partial to Rhyme & Reason, but I like the name of Ransack the Universe.

What does being on our label [again] mean to you?

I am SO honored to be a part of the Collective Series. All it takes is scrolling through the gallery and gazing at all the beautiful talent from around the world. To be one of only 68 artists included really makes me happy as a clam.

If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be doing?

I’d be a ballerina. A ballerina that still drank beer.

If you were on a desert island, what one item would you bring with you? And what craft beer?

This one is tough. I’d probably take sunscreen, or else I’d be dead in an hour. For craft beer, I’d take River Rat Red (Columbia, SC) or Ommegang Abbey Ale (Cooperstown, NY). Or wine. Lots of wine. 🙂


For more Cait, check out the following:
Instagram: @caitmacncheese
Twitter: @caitmacncheese

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